Welcome to RTHREE.ca, the Greater Toronto Area’s first choice for restoration services. We are insured, certified and can be fully relied upon to get the job done right. We’ve been servicing the GTA for over 12 years and have earned our reputation as a quality Toronto restoration services provider.

For flood clean up in Toronto, you are in the best of hands with R3. Our technicians are experts at diagnosing the extent of damages and/or risks to your home or commercial property and assessing
what is the quickest and most effective means of restoring it to its previous condition.

Anytime water runs amok in your home it is cause for serious concern. Not only is there the obvious
risk to structural components of your home or property, but there is also the risk of the flood leading to further complications if it is not addressed immediately by trained professionals. When it comes to flood
clean up in Toronto, you can be sure every threat posed by the flood will be addressed thoroughly by R3.


Your home or property can fall victim to a mold or fungus infestation for any number of reasons, but there are two most common culprits. The first one is residual dampness from a flood, while the second is a structurally-compromised dwelling where cracks in the foundation allow water to pool and remain stagnant. This creates a perfect environment for mould spores to thrive and multiply. R3 are experienced pros at mold testing and remediation Toronto and will nip any mold infestation in the bud. Addressing the problem quickly and thoroughly is what makes R3’s mold testing and remediation Toronto services
the first choice of concerned home and property owners.


An unpleasant topic to be sure, but sewage leaks happen and when they do there’s no time to lose in beginning the restoration process with sewage clean up Toronto services. Sanitization becomes a foremost priority when such a misfortune occurs, and here at R3 we don’t rest until we are absolutely certain of every last unsanitary molecule being removed from the affected areas of your home or property. For sewage clean up in Toronto, you can rest a little easier once you’ve put R3 on the job.

Restoring your home or commercial property to its pre-incident condition starts with a call to R3 at

Specialty Cleaning involves the understanding of disease, airborne pathogens, and their ability to harm human beings and animals alike. These are not only destructive, but can
contribute to unhealthy environments. Let the specialists clean &
decontaminate your affected area.

Our services include:
. Sewer BackUp Cleanups
. Sewage Sewage Cleaning
. Odour Removal
. Odour Control
. Deodorization
. Ozone
. Decontamination
. Water Damage Restoration
. Water Extraction Removal
. Flood Damage Cleaning
. Structural Drying
. Emergency Plumbing Cleanup
. Dehumidification
. Roof Leak Repair
. Blood Cleaning Disinfection
. Blood Cleanup Sanitization
. Feces Removal
. Raccoon Feces Removal

Pest Control Vaughan Services

We also offer basic structural pest control services through our partner company.

Mold, known also as fungus can cause severe immune system reactions as a result of colonizing. Mold spores are well known to cause various allergic diseases, such as allergic asthma and rhinitis. Disturbing mold colonies causes mold spores to become airborne and cross contaminate other areas (not recommended).

Our services include:
. Mold Testing
. Mold Inspections Remediation
. Air & Surface sampling
. Dry Ice Blasting
. CO2 Blast Cleaning
. Mold Removal
. Mold Sampling and Analysis
. Air Scrubbing Units
. Hepa-Vac
. Mold Containment

When you call R3, the very
first step we take is to assess
the damage, and suggest solutions that will reduce the possibility of further losses. This consultation is offered with absolutely no obligation on your part. Our concern is that you receive the results
you want at the price that meets your budget. There’s never any pressure. Never any “sell”. Tell us what you need and we’ll tell you exactly how we can help.